Helpful Information for Sellers- Why we are different:

Selling your home is not something we take lightly.  

Unfortunately, with technology, your home can get lost in a mass of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of other homes in your same price range.  

We want to make your home stand out. 

How do we do that? 

1.  We start with professional photos and/or videos, including Aerial Photography in some cases.  Nothing makes a possible buyer bypass your home online like bad, dark, photos- or lack thereof.  Our Photographer network is the best in the business.  They will work with you on your schedule to ensure your homes' photos are 100% perfect.  We also now offer Matterport 3d Virtual Tours, allowing prospective buyers to "walk through" your home virtually!

2.  We start the hard part.  We begin soliciting your property to an extensive network of possible buyers.  All potential buyers are pre-screened to ensure only qualified people are viewing your home.  

3.  We use multi-level marketing.  This means social networking, search engine optimization, custom websites, print media, person-to-person, peer-to-peer, customized open houses, and brokers' open houses (only for licensed agents to pre-view the home for potential buyers.)  Every marketing plan is customized for every home.

4. Staging, as needed.  Staging is a strategic marketing tool designed to show a property in its best possible light.  Because nothing shows worse than an empty box, or a home that looks cluttered.  Some homes really need the extra touch, and some buyers have a hard time imagining their stuff in a different home.  Staging is an excellent way to help.  We work with professional staging companies to make your home look amazing, as well as identify potential turn-offs a buyer may face when viewing your home.  This is important, as it will help sell your house much faster.  "Market research shows a home that is staged, spend 73% less time on the market, sell for more money, and end up on more buyer's "Must see" lists." (source: LA Daily News)  This doesn't just refer to putting a bunch of furniture in your home- this can be done with your current furniture and decor. You want your home to stand out in the crowd.

5.  Follow up with potential buyers and their agents. This is EXTREMELY important.  There is nothing worse than having 10 showings on your property, and not knowing what people thought of it.  We tirelessly work to gather feedback (good and bad) from showings, and work with you to evaluate how to improve in order to get the fastest sale possible. 

6.  Follow-ups for you.  We pride ourselves on communication.  How many agents have you hired in the past that simply did NOT answer the phone? Nothing is more frustrating.  We try to answer the phone as much as possible.  (Of course, if we are in a meeting or showing, we will not be able to.)  We also like to touch base with our sellers at a MINIMUM of once a week to give them updates, feedbacks, and marketing stats.  This allows you to always stay informed.

7.  You ONLY deal with Amanda and Curtis.  We work as a small team, meaning we always know exactly what the current status is. You also will not end up dealing with someone in an office who has no idea what is going on.  We see this happen far too often in large companies.

5. And finally, completing the sale.  We use our years of negotiating experience to get you the most money and the best possible terms for your home. Once an approved contract is received, we do all the dirty work.  With Amanda's background in mortgage,  she is a pro at  making sure everything gets ordered as needed- meaning, appraisals, inspections, required disclosures, etc.  She has a "touch every file every day" policy- meaning she is going to follow up on the status of your sale every day.  She will keep you, as the seller, up to date as often as necessary.  We will also personally be there for the final walk-through with the new buyers to ensure everything goes smoothly.  We also do our very best to be at every closing to help with any potential questions that may arise.

Congratulations, your just sold your home!

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